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Perk Coffee

I’m working closely with Paul Berthelsen, founder of Perk Coffee, a coffee ecommerce company based in Singapore and Malaysia. Paul shares what it’s been like working with me and about the result of generating $200,000 in life time value (profit) within the last quarter of 2018.

Branding Campaigns

We initial success under our belt in 2018, we are planning to expand aggressively across Australasia in 2019 and there’s a lot of work to do! I have lead the direction on the company positioning, branding, and content production.

I worked with the team to develop the new brand video (in production) and all new assets for our expanded advertising as well as a comprehensive retention program utilising Klaviyo and WhatsApp designed to increase customer repeat purchases and lifetime value automatically.

Featuring real brand ambassadors

I’m a champion for featuring real people in advertising. I want the messages of my clients to be powerful and authentic and convey compelling stories that aren’t made up or feature impossible standards for people to measure themselves against.

I’ve lead the program to find the best real people who are proud Perk Coffee customers who want to share how they brew their favourite cup of coffee and why they love Perk. These videos will form the basis for our Australasian brand campaigns in 2019 which we further retarget with direct offer promotions.

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If you’re interested in a partner to work closely with you to scale and maintain high profits and low customer acquisition costs across your entire ecommerce business, then my please reach out.

I have mastered creative content across digital channels and how to communicate to a mass audiences to convert awareness into sales. We are making our clients into new millionaires, and I’d like you to join us if you’re up for the challenge!

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